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Developing Safer and Responsible Drivers

Safer Driver Solutions is Iowa’s largest provider driving instructional services.

Our company provides services to teens, adults, companies with fleet drivers and clinics and rehabilitation centers.


What Sets us Apart


Teen and Adult Driving Instruction


Owner is President of IASE, Iowa Ass'n of Safety Education


Member of ADTSEA, American Driver & Traffic Safety Education Ass'n


Member of NMEDA, National Mobility Equipment Dealers Ass'n


Member of ADED, the Ass'n of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

Driving for TEEN, ADULT & exceptional learners


Teen & Adult

            Teen & Adult             Driver Education

Autism, ADHD, Anxiety

and other Executive Functioning Disorders


Physical Disability

Driving with a Physical Disability

Driver Cognitive Assessments

Driver On Road Evaluations


than the “minimum requirements” when it comes to learning to drive. We provide each of our students the best possible instruction to ensure that they receive all the materials and tools essential to becoming a safe and responsible driver.


is to help the new driver become confident and comfortable in their role as a licensed driver and to support the families and friends of the new driver so they can provide ongoing positive encouragement.


Owner, Lead Instructor & Driver Rehabilitation Specialist 

We are the


We develop


Our company is the leader in Iowa as the provider of these specialty driver services


Age Range:

We serve any individual ages 14 and up.

Stage 1

Obtaining a Driving Permit

It’s important to get an Iowa instruction permit before beginning any driving instruction. If a student struggles with taking the Iowa DOT permit test, Safer Driver Solutions can assist in studying for this exam. We also offer the ability to take the DOT online exam with us and provide the testing in a calm, quiet environment.

Stage 2

Our Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator

At Safer Driver Solutions, we may use our VR Simulator to evaluate new clients who either have never driven before, or have limited driving experience. Students will drive in a variety of traffic simulations. These simulations are also crucial in our specialty programs for cognitive and medical driver assessments as well as exceptional learners.

Stage 3

Learning to Drive in a Specially Equipped Vehicle

In this phase, our students will learn to drive in a specially equipped vehicle with dual pedals. All of our instructors are certified and are able to provide exceptional instruction. Each lesson will include 60 minutes of driving instruction, as well as 30 minutes of Traffic Safety class.


Expected Completion

We recognize that each student learns in their own unique way.

We estimate that driving instruction should take anywhere from 3 to 18 months – depending on each person’s skills.

Instructional Driving Skills Covered

 We instruct on residential driving, intersections, stop lights, right and left turns, all forms of parking, backing up, and 2 lane and 4 lane highways where applicable.
We also teach our students how to drive in all weather conditions and during various times of the day: morning, noon, afternoon and night.


Our program is developed to meeting the individual needs of the new driver, including working students with an IEP plan. We work with the entire support team to develop our own IDEP (Individualized Driver Education Plan). This plan is developed for each individual student. Our goal is to be able to provide the student the ability to be a part of society as driving is an essential life skill for work, school, lifestyle and involvement in the community.



Our MOBILITY TRAINER is a Chrysler minivan equipped
with hand controls. This vehicle was developed to
teach individuals with a physical disability to drive.
We develop an IDEP (Individual Driver Education Plan)
and work with families and the client’s doctors to develop
the best plan possible to get the client driving.

*Contact us for a free consultation about how we can help you get a driver’s license or get you driving again.


SAFER DRIVER SOLUTIONS is the only private, state of Iowa DOT certified driving school providing driver education to teens and individuals who have a physical disability preventing them from driving in the traditional manner.


Part 1

We use the VR simulator to assess driving skills and develop an instructional plan. The simulator will assist the client as they begin to learn how to drive with hand controls in simulated driving scenarios prior to driving in real traffic situations.


Part 2

Our instructors work with the client to develop their driving skills in the minivan once they master the driving simulations.


Part 3

Once driving is achieved using our mobility trainer, we will work with the client and the support team to analyze and recommend what vehicle and controls will be best for the driver. We will connect the client wit the resources needed to provide any vehicle modifications.


“When a patient is afflicted with a chronic medical condition that causes cognitive impairment when driving or performance visibly declines, a specialized cognitive assessment tool is needed.”

We provide assessments and evaluation testing for
drivers who require a clear view into their medical
limitations and capabilities.


Medical conditions can cause even the safest driver to require a safety assessment

  • Memory Loss
  • Stroke
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety
  • Medications

* $40 per hour travel fee for locations more than 30 miles from my home location.

Where are assessments done?

Our portable, cutting edge VR simulator gives patients the opportunity to have driver assessments done at their local clinic or hospital, and even in their own vehicle! Our system takes less than 45 minutes to set up.

How do assessments happen?

Our VR headset presents the client with a simulated 360o driving environment. Our computer connects to the headset, car controls, and vehicle’s wheels to present a ‘real world’ realistic driving experience in a comfortable environment. The driver receives visual and audible feedback. It takes
no more than 20 minutes for the assessment to take place.
Analysis and reporting are available immediately.

Driving with Special Needs Funding:
  • Funding under 21 – School districts or AEA may assist or pay for driving instruction and classes.
  • SSI: PASS program provides funding for eligible individuals.
  • Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation may also provide funding.
  • Insurance companies and Medicaid may pay for Simulation time through two different CPT codes.
  • Grants and private pay. We do offer payment plans.
  • Autism Society of Iowa scholarships are available based on need.
Cognitive and On Road Evaluation Funding Opportunities:
  • Community Reintegration and Therapeutic Activity both assist drivers who have an illness or medical condition impairing their ability to drive or providing remedial driving lessons for a driver so they can reintegrate into society.
  • Medicaid covers the use of the Simulator for a Cognitive Assessment and/or remedial driver training in the VR Simulator (CPT codes 97537, 97530)
  • Driver On Road Evaluations are private pay and are an added cost to the Cognitive Assessment.

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Contact us with any questions you have about Teen, Adult and Exceptional Learner Driving Instruction. We are always scheduling courses in the future, and can come to your location for on-road instruction, Winter Weather and Fleet Driver Safety.

What Sets us Apart