Driver Cognitive Assessment and On-the-Road Driver Evaluation

“When a patient is afflicted with a chronic medical condition that causes cognitive impairment when driving or performance visibly declines, a specialized cognitive assessment tool is needed.”

We recognize that medical conditions can cause even the best drivers to require a safety assessment. Some of these medical conditions include:


Memory Loss




Heart Disease








Approximately 11 percent of Americans have some form of cognitive disability. These persons usually have difficulty concentrating, remembering or making decisions. When we consider driving with a cognitive disability, then it is important to be able to assess whether or not an individual has the ability to safely manage a motor vehicle.

We provide services to both individuals and clients of physicians or medical centers.


The good news is that you choose the location of your assessment! Our portable Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator gives our clients the chance to have their driver assessments in a local clinic, hospital, or even in their own vehicle. Our system takes less than 45 minutes to set up, so feel free to contact us for your assessment needs!

At Safer Driver Solutions, we provide testing for drivers who need to be medically evaluated.


Our VR headset provides each client with a simulated 360 degree driving environment. We then connect our computer to the VR headset, car controls and the vehicle’s wheels. This helps to create a “real world” driving experience in a stationary vehicle, with visual and audible feedback, for a comfortable, familiar test environment. 

This assessment takes no more than 20 minutes to conduct. Our system also generates analytical reports immediately afterwards. 

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Safer Driver Solutions is committed to providing excellent adaptive driver training that is designed for your unique needs. The founder of our institution is a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (DRS), and are members of the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED). We also partner with the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA). Therefore, you can be assured that we can effectively conduct all the required adaptive driving assessments needs of the client.

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Our assessment tools are used by our driving instructors to determine if someone is able to drive safely.

These tools utilize digital neuropsychological tasks to assess the cognitive abilities and attitudes of each potential student to drive effectively and safely.

Our driver cognitive assessment is administered through our VR simulator. This can often last anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes. The results of a driver’s cognitive assessment will provide insights about the driver.

The test result data is gathered, reviewed and then a comprehensive report about the person’s driving ability, performance, and latent skills is developed. These results will be analyzed and a recommendation will be presented identifying what indications may exist regarding any cognitive disabilities in key driving areas.

Potential areas of concern are:

Depth perception/ability to estimate distances

Ability to judge the speed of moving objects

Manual dexterity

Visual and auditory perception

Reaction time

This information will first determine whether or not an individual will be able to drive as well as their ability to safely handle a vehicle.
It is also possible to predict the accommodations that are necessary to improve vehicle handling and minimize the risk of accidents.  

While a driver’s cognitive test is a very useful tool, it does not substitute for an actual driving test. A physical driver’s evaluation is very important.



A driver’s evaluation will not only consider the results of the driver’s cognitive assessment, but also consist of a physical analysis. This assessment is often performed by a driving rehabilitation specialist and will consider the impact of any impairment on safe driving.

People often undertake a driver’s evaluation when either a doctor or a family member has uncertainties about their ability to drive safely.

A driver’s evaluation involves observing and assessing the quality of skills in areas such as:


Physical: muscle strength, range of motion, coordination, endurance and sensitivity.


Vision: eye strength, visual acuity, peripheral vision, depth perception, as well as the ability to perceive color and contrast.


Cognition: memory, attention, judgment, and problem-solving are also assessed.


Reaction: ability to respond quickly and appropriately while driving.


Self Awareness: ability to control one’s self in response to environmental demands.

Components of a Driver’s Evaluation

A driver’s evaluation may consist of a number of steps:


Clinical Assessment

This segment includes the driver’s cognition test, as well as the standardized tests of physical abilities.


Simulated Driving on the Road

We will also evaluate each student’s ability to maintain control of the vehicle while on the road. However, this stage is only done when the preceding phase is successfully completed. The appropriate adaptive equipment will also be identified at this stage. 


Assessment Outcomes

The results of each assessment are summarized and recommendations will be compiled.


Prescriptions and Recommendation

If necessary, a written prescription for the recommended adaptive equipment will be provided. Referrals for the required vehicle modifier are also done at this time. 


Modifications and Inspection

After the vehicle modifications are complete and the equipment is installed, then they must be inspected. This inspection will ensure that all the requisite equipment and modifications are in their correct positions. 


Rehabilitation Driving Lessons

Once all is in place, then the appropriate driver training can begin. Of course, we take into consideration the recommendations of each student’s team of medical professionals and we are willing to make necessary adjustments. 

We provide the best driving assessments to evaluate driver fitness.

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